Monitor Turn Off Shortcut

by on October 31st, 2007

tun-off-miniterWhy Press Button To Turn Off Your Monitor? Create Monitor Turn Off Shortcut Button right at your desktop to do the task. On Mouse Move or pressing any key (any key means any one of buttons at your keyboard) monitor will be back to life. You have to just follow the instructions.

  1. Download Mointeroff.rar at your desktop and extract MonOff.exe from that at desktop.
  2. Cut MonOff.exe and past it in C:\WINDOWS\ in the windows folder of C drive of your computer.
  3. Return at desktop. Right Click -> New -> Shortcut
  4. At the text box where it asks type the location of the item write C:\WINDOWS\MonOff.exe or browse that file in C->windows and Click next.
  5. Name the shortcut something like Turn Off Moniter and click finish.
  6. You are done.
  7. Now you can change the icon of this button by Right Click shortcut -> Properties -> Change Icon. Select icon and click OK.

Note: Its a C++ application with much smaller executable (22k) file. As always, I must point out that you download and use this program at your own risk. I see no way it could do anything bad to your system as i have tested it myself, but if for some unforeseen reason it did do anything bad, I will not be held responsible.

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