Downside of Blogs – Effect on Attention Span and Reading Habits

by on February 10th, 2009

Matt Mullenweg (A founding developer of WordPress) talks about how blogs can change reading habits of a blog reader and blogger himself at WorldCamp 2008.

I find it true by myself that a blogger/blog reader has to digest much information in short time and he/she just tries to scan the whole thing whatever he is reading and gets the material of his interest. So the attention span for reading decreases in this way. When some one has been blogging for a while or has been reading blogs for a while, he will find it difficult to read the whole thing also in case of reading books.

He/She will scan and extract the material he needs and leave the rest. From here comes the secret of a successful blogger’s writing approach. A successful blogger will create interesting spots and sticky points/highlights in the whole post at different places where reader’s eyes will stay while scanning the document and he will be able to read.

I think it depicts that juniors who still attend school/colleges should not read blogs or should not have blogs. A student needs to concentrate and read the whole story thoroughly while a blogging effected mind will catch a habit of scanning and skipping through material while reading over the internet or while reading books.

Have your say. Do you think that blogging has affected you some how?

2 Reviews

  1. awais says:

    I usually do read all the article if it attracts me, otherwise I just do not read at all. Whats the point of scanning the article. If you like it, you read it all otherwise you just leave.

  2. Dudley says:

    Its true. Who has the time to read all the stuff?