Clear Your Local DNS Cache (Windows)

by on October 29th, 2007

Sometimes when you repair your local area connection from the local area connection status window, you find out that your DNS cache could not be cleared and whatever you do, the cache will not clear up. So here’s the cool way of clearing your DNS cache.

Open your command prompt and type the following command

C:\>net stop dnscache

If it says that the dnscache is not started then type the following command

C:\>net start dnscache

It will start your local dns cache. Now try flushing your dns cache by issuing the following command

C:\>ipconfig /flushdns

It will most probably clear your dns cache and display the results for you.
If you want to see what is in your local dns cache at this time, issue this command to find out

C:\>ipconfig /displaydns

This can also be done as

Go to run and type services.msc

select DNS Client, select automatic from drop down menu and start the service.
Did this article solve your problem? If not then tell us your particular case. Let’s see if we can get into the root of your problem.

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