Got Zoolz – Awesome Backup Experience – Screenshots

by on May 14th, 2013


Zoolz dashboard provides you an informative interface from where you can view backup progress. You can pause and resume backup from dashboard. You can go to data selection to backup, go to Zoolz settings, and there is a restore section for backup that has been taken. Dashboard is really nice.

I subscribed for Zoolz service last night and I have got a free account with 100 GB online storage. You have to download Zoolz setup provided by them and have to signup by using that software and after when you are done, pure awesomeness starts. Its easy to use self explanatory great backup service that you will definitely love. Here are screenshots with explanation.

Click on images to view full sized view.

Data Selection for Backup: Select any internal, external drives or selected folders to backup.


Security Option for Backup: While you set backup for the first time, Zoolz asks you if you want to encrypt backup and set your own password. If not, Zoolz will use its own internal encryption password to secure your data.


You can schedule backup and change the schedule settings later as well.


And you are done.


Zoolz > Settings > Performance

Set Zoolz backup performance options that when you want Zoolz to continue taking backup. If PC is on battery or if presentation is on or full screen app is running on PC, then what Zoolz should do?


Zoolz Advanced Settings > preferences: Customize advanced options to take backup. You can also take backup of hidden files. Enable that by going to advanced settings and then preferences.