Get 100 GB of Lifetime Free Online Storage from Zoolz

by on May 13th, 2013

Zoolz is an online tool that can backup all data from your computer and all drives connected to your PC automatically. Backup without any limitations. Leverage Amazon AWS technology. They are giving 100GB of free space to first one million users for lifetime. Normally you get 100GB with them in $1.66/month (yearly plan). So do you want to get 100GB free space for lifetime with them? We just reserved a spot for us and guess what? They told us that we will get this 100GB with our account after 100764 people. We are in queue after 100764 people. And by the time I am writing this, 90 people have signed up for this free offer after us, in just 5 minutes or so. They are popular, right!

Zoolz is the only service that effortlessly moves all your internal, external drives or anything on your computer to the cloud with real security and automatically. It backs up everything on and connected to your computer. Zoolz moves it to the cloud with your own secure password and automatically protects new and changed files without any intervention.

Zoolz Features

  • Zoolz seamlessly and automatically protects your computer and any storage it can access (External and Network drives) without limiting your upload speed, file size, or data selections.
  • Zoolz encrypts your files before they leave your machine, securely transfers your files, and stores them on encrypted servers using military grade 256 AES Encryption.
  • Zoolz is great for photographers. Just aim, shoot and connect camera with PC. Zoolz is designed to backup photos and generates photo previews of all your camera photos (RAW format too) to view from a centralized location on the web.
  • Zoolz is smart enough to know when your drive is disconnected and once reconnected, Zoolz will resume with incremental backups even if the drive letter has changed.
  • Set your own schedule, filter your selections, enable upload speed limit, and more. Zoolz is rich with easy to use features to make your backup customized to your needs.
  • From your desktop, you can seamlessly right-click any file or folder to instantly add it to Zoolz.
  • Your free account comes with the ability to backup 2 of your computers with ease.
  • Mobile device support is included. On the go, view your latest backed up files and image previews of your photos.
  • Easily restore backup. Just go to the web console, select what you want to restore, and after 3-5 hours, you will receive an email with a link to download your files.

Android Backup

Backup and protect your SMS messages, contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, music and videos to a secure cloud location. Just select what to backup and you’re done, it intelligently backs up daily when your battery level is normal and connected to WiFi, you can also select to use 3G.






  • Backup Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos and music
  • Secure data transfer (Secure Socket Layer) and storing (256-AES)
  • Backs up to the secure and reliable Amazon AWS cloud storage
  • Daily automatic backups when WiFi is available, plugged in, or have plenty of battery life
  • Easy mobile to mobile restore and same device restore
  • No rooting or special configuration required
  • Backup External SD cards
  • Restore/Migrate to a new device with a click
  • Backs up every version of all files
  • Advanced options to change daily schedule, disable automatic schedule, backup over 3G, and more
  • No Rooting is required

Go to their website to signup for 100 GB free online storage or download their app for Android.

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