YouTube Allows Custom Video Size Embed and Video Captions

by on July 2nd, 2010

youtube custom size video

You might have observed few updated features at YouTube. One is that you can choose to have code to embed a video in custom size and the second exciting feature is captions and interactive transcript.

Embed Video Code for Custom Size

The first feature is very very useful because different websites / blogs have got different available space to embed videos. Its professional to embed video of full available space at your website / blog and it looks bad if there is some space left to the left or right of embedded video. What’s the point to ignore few pixels if these are available for video to take space. Before you had to pick size from pre-defined templates for video while customizing code for embed, but now you actually can type width for desired video and the height will be suggested in the second box. You just have to know how much space it available to take for video, give that width while customizing video code and get youtube video that is of perfect size for your blog / website.

YouTube Video Captions

Another exciting feature is the captions for videos. Captions were originally developed for the people who are deaf or hard of hearing, they are also an aid to the reading and literacy skills development of many others. And as an added bonus on YouTube, viewers may chose to auto-translate captions into another language and/or locate videos more readily through a word search.

You will spot a button at the left side of views below youtube video that will display text ‘Interactive transcript’. Click that to read audio while you watch the video. This will greatly help in understanding actual words in case if there is any confusion for understanding what the person is saying in the video.

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