YesShield System Protection and Security Giveaway Winners

by on November 29th, 2012

YesShield System Protection and Security Giveaway was posted on November 10th, 2012 as a thanksgiving giveaway offer. YesShield provides very effective, protective and powerful solution to your PC/laptop to fight against unwanted changes or malicious activities. When your computer disk is in protection mode, all changes made to it will restore to the original state easily. YesShield provides the best security and solution to save your important files and folders to the real environment. Keep PC/laptop safe from malicious activities, unwanted changes or potential threats like virus, spyware and human errors. So here are all the winners who placed comment at the giveaway page, shared the giveaway at Facebook and Twitter.

YesShield System Protection and Security Giveaway Winners

  • Paul Snawder
  • Shriek Pov
  • Liang Yang
  • Ck Khoo
  • Daniel Tan
  • Haim Benchimol DIaz
  • Khan Usman (Sunny)
  • offroadbiker
  • Cornel
  • Ivan Yeik
  • tate
  • Joseph Potter
  • Yinka Jimoh
  • Dacko
  • Anson Khoo
  • Angel V
  • vhick
  • wimad
  • lancew
  • olman
  • john murphy
  • Haim Benchimol
  • KaushikM12
  • finplan65
  • Owen
  • chie
  • majaso
  • Zarkon
  • Jan
  • Asriel Rusdyawan
  • Chetan
  • Bejr Milos
  • Maner
  • Ovidiu
  • Art Clarke
  • Pat Anderson
  • Styx
  • Desheredado
  • Juan Lee
  • Goodwin
  • William
  • Victor Arreola
  • Steve
  • mark
  • Bruce Fraser
  • fhc5326
  • Steven Peacock
  • Ricohflex Pentax
  • Ako Si Ryu

Congrats! Thanks all!

We could not find contact information for three guests. Steven Peacock, Ricohflex Pentax and Ako Si Ryu can contact us or get the full software from this page.

YesShield Homepage
Giveaway Official Page

Download YesShield

Download YesShield for Windows 32bit OS
Download YesShield for Windows 64bit OS

Above download links do not need license code. These are completely full version depending upon offer’s availability.

Stay tuned for more giveaways!

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  1. Joseph Potter says:

    Thank You Very Much :-)

  2. vhick says:

    Great! Thank you so much Hiroshi :)