Yahoo Messenger 10 Full Offline Installer

by on March 20th, 2011

Yahoo Messenger 10 (YM 10) is available for download. You can direct download Yahoo Messenger from here. Features of Yahoo Messenger 10 include changing language easily, high-quality full screen video calls, new ways to sort your contacts in messenger, see your friends latest updates from Yahoo!, Flickr, Twitter and more with the new “Updates” view in messenger, Make free PC-to-PC calls and PC-to-phone calls. Standalone offline installers can be found via Yahoo’s YIMG portal as below:

Download Yahoo Messenger 10


India (English) – ymsgr1000_525_in.exe
Indonesia – ymsgr1000_525_id.exe
Hong Kong (Chinese) – ymsgr1000_525_hk.exe
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) – ymsgr1000_525_tw.exe
Thailand – ymsgr1000_525_th.exe
Vietnam – ymsgr1000_525_vn.exe
Korea – ymsgr1000_525_kr.exe
Malaysia – ymsgr1000_525_my.exe
Singapore – ymsgr1000_525_sg.exe
Philippines – ymsgr1000_525_ph.exe

North And South America

America – ymsgr1000_525_us.exe
Argentina – ymsgr1000_525_ar.exe
Columbia – ymsgr1000_525_co.exe
Chile – ymsgr1000_525_cl.exe
Yahoo! Telemundo (Latin America Spanish) – ymsgr1000_525_e1.exe
Mexico – ymsgr1000_525_mx.exe
Peru – ymsgr1000_525_pe.exe
Venezuela – ymsgr1000_525_ve.exe
Brazil – ymsgr1000_525_br.exe

Europe And Oceanic

France – ymsgr1000_525_fr.exe
Spain – ymsgr1000_525_es.exe
Italy – ymsgr1000_525_it.exe
UK & Ireland – ymsgr1000_525_uk.exe
Australia & New Zealand – ymsgr1000_525_au.exe
Germany – ymsgr1000_525_de.exe
While downloading, you might be interested in this previous article on YM invisible detector and scanner, it is a simple web application that allows you to detect if your friends are online or offline.

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