Yahoo and McAfee SiteAdvisor Got to be Kidding

by on June 29th, 2010

No wonder why McAfee is not popular. There are so many effective anti-virus programs out there, many of which are free. By considering decreased sales McAfee adopted a lame way to force people to use McAfee and to be in news. They went to Yahoo to make a deal about their search results. As a result Yahoo started displaying website information using McAfee SiteAdvisor which alerts you if the any website has got suspicious or infected files.

Now! we all know there are tweak tools which are detected by antivirus programs as a threat but those are not. Antivirus programs give warning about those tools. So does McAfee. TechMynd was marked by Yahoo as site with 4 dangerous downloads and few other less dangerous files, 2 months ago (April 2010). We deleted all those files, even we deleted less suspicious files. After that we went to contact Yahoo and McAfee about the issue. Funny thing happened.

Yahoo suggested to contact McAfee siteadvisor because they decide whether file is dangerous or not. We went to McAfee siteadvisor who told us to contact yahoo because they have got search results which shows information. Further they said that they update sites after few days.

But there was no update. Even we posted a detailed report about changes in TechMynd regarding this issue and referred them that post but nobody took notice.

We submitted TechMynd at McAfee siteadvisor for review and scan again but nothing happened. Same results, even after 2 months. We had deleted all those files and went to both parties but they behaved as deaf as ever.

Yahoo Response

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Search Webmaster.
I understand that you have removed the dangerous downloads from your site but Yahoo! SearchScan still shows the warning.

Yahoo! SearchScan is powered by McAfee. McAfee provides safety data within Yahoo! Search results to indicate potentially harmful websites. If your domain shows a warning that you disagree with, it is important that you contact McAfee directly, so they can provide an analysis of your domain. You can email McAfee directly at:

[email protected]

or you can visit:

McAfee will then analyze your domain over a period of several weeks to determine if the warning is valid. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Please understand that Yahoo! does not have the ability to change a McAfee decision on a site’s rating. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

SiteAdvisor Response

Thank you for contacting us.
SiteAdvisor updates Yahoo! on a daily basis. Once Yahoo! has the data on their side, it can take up to 10 days for the ratings change to be reflected in their search results. We appreciate your patience during this process, and ask that you continue to monitor Yahoo! and their search results to ensure that your site is reflected correctly.
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McAfee SiteAdvisor

What do you call it?

5 Reviews

  1. Rich says:

    I’m in the same boat with my website… Establishbed over 10 years – we ond’t even have downloads or files – totally confused. Yahoo and McAfee just firing back totally uninformative emails…

    Thank you for contacting us.

    SiteAdvisor engineers will look into your issue, and will issue a change if it is deemed appropriate.

    Thank you for your patience during this process.

    This site has been queued for a full retest. Please note that any change (if warranted) may take up to 8 weeks to reflect. We thank you for your continued patience.

    So you’re not alone – sucks they can get away with this and ruin reputations.

  2. Hiroshi says:

    @j: Okay, well right. I am in trouble. Can’t I just exaggerate a little bit. I am checking yahoo search and they did not reflect changes. Obviously I have checked siteadvisor and they have still old report about TechMynd at their site. I had removed those software, then why siteadvisor is claiming that I have those now?
    If McAfee said they update database daily then they are lying. I am the webmaster, people, and I requested siteadvisor to please update record because I have updated TechMynd but still no update from their side. 2 Months…
    I like Dumbo…Sounds like Dumbledore (Albus Dumbledore).

  3. j says:

    @Hiroshi ,
    I was just making comment as a friend ,
    McAfee or yahoo, both or one of them is lazy ,
    or they just dont care about this.
    Why you care about their adviser, McAfee is not doing good business from long time, they must have cut the cost by not doing the job on time…..LOLz

    By the way that Dumbledore was perfect reply,,,, i like it !!!

    Keep the good work Bro !!

  4. j says:

    HA HA HA

    you should read both the mails again !

    Yahoo said to contact McAfee

    but McAfee never said contact yahoo !

    McAfee said :- they update yahoo data base daily, but yahoo search takes 10days to reflect in search results, so keep looking on yahoo search !

    You Dumbo !