Yahoo is Going Down – Beaten by YouTube – Decreased Popularity

by on December 29th, 2009

Did you realize this? Youtube is now number 3 on Alexa’s top 500 sites on the web (taking Yahoo’s position. I applaud Youtube for it’s increasing popularity and how it impacts it’s users. But have you realized how Yahoo has been losing popularity over the years.  It came from being the number 1 mosted visited site on the web (according to Alexa) to being the number 4. Who would have thought Yahoo would have been beaten by a video sharing site! I was surely surprised.


Could Alexa’s Site trafficking system be malfunctioning? Alexa’s site trafficking system has received harsh criticism over the years. I still can’t believe that Youtube surpassed Yahoo. Although I have a Youtube account, I also use the Yahoo Email and Yahoo answers daily. I am a very active user of Yahoo. Anyways, in order for Yahoo to be even close to number again, it’ll have to take the Google approach. I can’t think of any other way. But it seems to me Yahoo is becoming more like Microsoft. Do I think Yahoo has a chance of regaining it’s title as number 1, it’s possible. But I definitely think it has a chance of regaining it’s title as number 2 or 3.

What advice I have for Yahoo? Yahoo needs to regain it’s number 2 position. In order to do that Yahoo needs to reinvent itself. Take the Google Approach.

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  1. You can thank their Answers site in which they fully allow fundamentalist/Reformed Christians to be persecuted out of the religion and spiritual section (r&s) and allowing their persecutors to reach top positions. Their moderators are told over and over and over about the bigotry, but instead of doing what’s right, the moderators literally join in on the persecution even going so far as to ban accounts that were just made and not even used yet, meanwhile, they allow the bigots to do whatever the hell they want and only making a few token example bans of them, and not of the most obvious, no, it’s arbitrary! So big duh that if they are repelling 60+ million Christians and participating in it that they are losing ground. The world isn’t made up mostly of atheists and pagans pretending to be atheists, but those who believe in God! But stupids do what stupids do: destroy themselves.
    .-= Daniel Knight´s last blog ..Why Not to Use It’s Staffed With Stupid Bigots and Extreme Morons =-.