Yahoo Exposes Your Twitter Real Image

by on August 26th, 2009


Know what kind of person you are at Twitter. yahoo will tell you about your karma and social image at Twitter. Whether you are a star, a party animal, links lover, a lone wolf or what!

Just enter your Twitter username and highly scientific pipe thingy goes to work to determine exactly what kind of Twitter image you possess.
You might be a:

Headliner – You’re the star of the Twitterverse, have tons of followers, and have retweets the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton
Crowd Pleaser – You use lots of hashtags and are in on all the hot conversations
Cheerleader – Retweeting is how you roll
B.F.F. – Your volume of @replies makes you everybody’s best bud
Party Animal – With so many followers, you’re the life of the party
Private Eye – Like any good investigator, you’re following a boatload of people
Concierge – You live for links and sending people to the best stuff
Word Whiz – You’re a natural wordsmith and make the most of your 140 characters
Lone Wolf – You’re more of a low-profile type (some might even accuse you of lurking)
Name Dropper – You use lots of @names when you tweet
Matchmaker – You pass along lots of URLs to make sure everyone’s connected
Wall Flower – You don’t tweet much but you’re still in on the party
Novelist – You have a lot to say and tweet with a lot of characters to prove it
Shadow – You follow lots of people like a good shadow would
Scenester – If there’s a hashtag conversation happening, you’re there
Tweethead – Your high number of retweets shows you like to spread the good stuff

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