WordPress Multiple Authors Role Management Admin Bugs

by on December 15th, 2009

Recently I have activated options for users to register with TechMynd and I wanted to control maximum features so that users may not spam or do some stuff they should not be doing but I was amazed to see that there are really crucial bugs in the software which are not solved yet. I have tried many many administrative and multiple authors and role management plugins which helped to some extent but missed some points. I even wonder that how WordPress developers yet could not spot these two major bugs.

I have used plugin and assigned rights for contributor to upload media and edit his posts. Consider contributor here as an author.

1- Contributor can Publish Post Using Quick Press

My contributors can not publish posts. They submit a post for review. Strange thing was even with this restriction, when you want them to post for review using Add New link, contributors are able to publish anything directly using Quick Press. Which should not be in the case. Finally I used a plugin and removed the Quick press once and for all but that removed the Quick Press for admin as well.

2- Contributor can see Draft Posts by Admin

Do not you think that contributor should view / edit only his own posts? If a contributor can view drafts posted by admin of blog, he is going to have an idea what is coming next and he can steal those juicy titles you have selected for the coming posts (if he is a blogger). I know he can just view the titles. He can not view drafts posts content. He can not edit those. But what about you want privacy of your Drafts from everybody in the case you are allowing literally any user to register with your blog.

Tried many plugins but no plugin or solution is out there to hide admin drafts (draft titles) from contributors / authors from admin panel. Any Ideas?

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  1. Hiroshi says:

    @Sanix: Role Scoper is working for me. Atleast it does not have above problems.

  2. Sanix says:

    I’m having the exact same problem. I used Role Scoper as suggested by you but am not satisfied with it. I hope to get another solution soon?