WordPress 2.8 Buggy Release is Out for Download

by on June 13th, 2009

WordPress version 2.8 is available for download. It was released at June 10th, 2009 and is named after trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker. Let’s first not talk about the bug which I noticed. Instead lets start with what we should do whenever a new version of WordPress appears.

Whenever WordPress latest version appears, it is recommended to upgrade because you might want to keep your files latest so that your blog would be safe from hackers (WP is Open Source – You are looking the cool front end while the hacker is looking the back end because he is a programmer and knows the code in most cases) and you might want to enjoy new features of WordPress. It is necessary to upgrade. Atleast that is what I have learned the hard way. Before you upgrade, take a look at the new features. It can be a minor or major upgrade. In case of minor upgrade it can involve just upgrading some files in WP-admin while for major upgrade the database and all the files are necessary to upgrade.

It is risky and a very long process to upgrade manually; I mean to do it yourself. You can forget some steps in the way and crash everything. I mean do you have really an idea about how to upgrade the database in the right way? Not every blogger does. You need to secure your database, files in uploads directory (if it is named as uploads), themes and plugins before upgrading. I always advise following steps before upgrading:

  • Take complete backup of all the files and database (just in case)
  • If its hard to take backup of all the files (heavy files and large number of files), you should consider taking backup every week. As soon as you post at your blog, after a week take back up of new files uploaded. Keep a local directory of uploads folder and as you post files, copy these to this folder also, the same way, these have structure in that folder (arranged in year/month/date folders)
  • Take database backup. Use WP-DBManager or WordPress Database Backup for the purpose. These can be used to take database backup at weekly basis automatically and email you or you can download backup from these.
  • Setup an experimental blog. It should be done already. When new release comes, upgrade that first. If it goes all well, upgrade your original blog.
  • Use WordPress Automatic Upgrade for whole upgrade process. Its just clicks away with this cool plugin.

Okay now lets talk about The Upgrade to 2.8 and The BUG.

WordPress 2.8 represents a nice fit and finish release for WordPress with improvements to themes, widgets, taxonomies, and overall speed. They also fixed over 790 bugs. They say that. Major new improvements involved are:

  • Browse the entire theme directory and install a theme with one click
  • CodePress editor for Syntax highlighting in admin
  • Completely redesigned widgets interface
  • New Screen Options on every page.

WordPress 2.8 Major Improvements
WordPress 2.8 All New Features
All Fixed Tickets

WP 2.8 Bug

Where is the bug? Click at the image below:

wordpress 2.8 bugs

If you click at “screen options” and then change the “screen layout” by clicking 1 or 2 then at clicking 1 the editor area stretches to the full screen width. But if you will click at 2. Then it restores to its original width but now something weird happens. The second bar elements i.e. tags, publish, categories etc disappears. They go in the bottom of the page and now you will have to drag those upwards to restore their original state. Irritating… That right side remains blank. And what about Visual editor. I can not see visual editor options there.

First install 2.8 at test basis and check it over all. I would not recommend to upgrade 2.7 into 2.8. This is a very irritating issue. I wonder why there was a need for these upgrades. Fixing previous issues is alright but there in no such considerably prominent upgrade visually. Okay the syntax highlighter; programmers could do without it also. No big deal.

WP Mass Photo Inserting Problem From Gallery

Instead of that did anybody consider that there is real problem while inserting many images in posts from via uploader then gallery?
Suppose there are 50 images.
You open flash uploader. Browse. Select all and click open.
Images start uploading.
All the images have been uploaded, right! good enough.
Now you do not want to insert these as a gallery. You want these one by one in the post.
What would you do?
You have to open uploader, go to gallery, select next image by clicking view, select parameters and click insert.
Uploader disappears. Congratulations, one image has been inserted in the post. Now just 49 left.

I think we need solution to that.

WP Mass Photo Inserting Solution

It can be like insert all 50 images from the gallery according to your minimum specified thumbnail size with the respective file link over those by a single click.

If you are annoyed by the upgrade message in admin area then you can disable it also.

3 Reviews

  1. macromedia says:

    Great post!

  2. Hiroshi says:

    @Andrew: Thats ok. Clicking 1 – second column boxes goes down – fine- works well – Now we have to click 2 – the editor shrinks – now …. the boxes for second column should come back to their previous state – in the second column… if not – which is the case – then this is not user friendly – but a bit irritating – I found it irritating first. Might be I get used to it later on. And what about the rich text editor icons ????See in above pic – visual option is selected.

  3. Andrew says:

    Was wondering… How do you expect the changing from 2 to 1 columns to work when there are still boxes in the second column? If they aren’t moved, they will be hidden until you enable the second column again…

    The only alternative I see would be to pop a warning that the second column is not empty and not to hide it until the user moves all of the boxes from there to the first column by hand.