WordPress 2.7 In The Way – Ooh uh

by on November 4th, 2008

If you run a WordPress Blog. Then you may have definitely upgraded it at least once in your life. WordPress often releases upgrades and updates. It is a nightmare sometimes to upgrade from old version to new version for some people. Few export their posts and then import into new installation, while others use WP-Automatic Upgrade or any other useful plugin which can safely guide them through process visually and in a user friendly way. Few will export their full DB from MySQL and implement or merge it with new installation.

The thing is, It Is Very Important to Upgrade as I have learned from my personal experience. And they say that there are hackers out there who can attack your weblog as soon as they realize that you are using an old version of software because it is more vulnerable than the new version of software. That seems to be a fact too. I have witnessed it.

I am not a hacker. I have never been. But even I can tell that our favorite blogger at ProBlogger.net is using WordPress version 2.3.3 (update: not anymore). That is old version. Its the same wonder situation for me like everybody makes noise about XHTML Validated Web Coding, while MSN, Yahoo, Google, Gmail and lot more other top websites do not bother W3C or validated stuff. Do they??? In Contrary your client will surely insist that the code must be W3C validated.

Everybody makes noise about UpGrading WordPress Installation to the instant whenever any upgrade or update is available. I can see a great hustle building up whenever new upgrade arrives. But Top Bloggers do not seem to bother about this New Version Mania. That sounds confusing.


WordPress 2.7 Beta is out and is available for download and testing. Thousands of people are testing beta version and giving their comments about it. I am going for it also. I will also upgrade as soon as new stable upgrade release will be available. My advise is that to upgrade your software when bug fix final release will be out. At this upgrade I will give my readers something essential about WordPress.

Here you go then, To New Beta Release:

WordPress 2.7 Beta

P.s. WordPress Rocks.