WordPress 2.5 in TechMynd’s Opinion

by on March 22nd, 2008

Things Change; some for good. Software is bound to be updated also. Just got WordPress 2.5, installed it and looked inside. Well I would say that its a better and improved approach towards blogging. WordPress 2.5 stable version is available hereĀ for download. They are not releasing it for general public yet for a while and are waiting for user opinions.

What I have experienced I am sharing it here. Major updates are in administration section.

  • New colors of course, but you can have old blue colors and administrative theme again if you want.
  • Dashboard changed a bit. You can find Recent comments, Incoming links, Plugins and updates related to new releases right in your dashboard easily, beautifully arranged in sections.
  • Presentation tab is removed. There is a new tab named as design there.
  • There is no edit or delete text links in front of posts. You select a post by check box and then click delete button. For editing you will have to click at the post title and it will be opened for you in rich-text-editor to be edited. (Kind of easy for developers and advanced users but not for newbies…)
  • Widgets section is changed also and it isĀ better than before in my opinion.
  • Overall performance is very fast.
  • I like Rich-Text-Editor. Major changes seems to be in the rich text editor which can be easily spotted.
    There is an Add Media section. WOW!!!
    You can add;
    Video File
    Audio File
    Other media (i.e. pdf)
    Embed Media (i.e. flash, flv etc)
    and more… separately
    They know that we need to add more media then just images, in blogs.
  • You can insert special custom characters, block quotes and more…
  • You can full screen your rich text editor. WOW!!! I like this one too.
  • There are other elements too like built-in support for avatars.

Many other features are also available in new release. I am impressed personally by Rich-Text-Editor. Thumbs up for WordPress 2.5 and for coming up releases.