WordPress 2.5 New Features

by on March 12th, 2008

As all of us are curious about WordPress 2.5. Some of WordPress 2.5 new features are listed here:

  • Improved Search
    The long requested improvements to the WordPress built-in search functions have been implemented and search now includes Pages as well as posts. Those using Plugins or search add-ons might want to try it out and compare which does the best job for your search efforts, though some search Plugins might not work with the new improvements.
  • Built-in Avatars
    Ryan Boren makes it official, avatars using the Gravatar Plugin is now incorporated into WordPress. Weblog Tools Collection wrote up the information on the new get_avatar() function to help WordPress Theme developers update their Themes and those who want to write Plugins based on the new avatar function.
  • Upload More Than One Image
    The new Media Library will finally return back to pre-WordPress 1.5 days with multiple file uploading (the crows goes wild!).
  • New Image Size Options
    With the addition of a “medium” size, WordPress bloggers will now have thumbnail, medial, and full size options to resize their images on the go.
  • WordPress Plugins Installer
    Developers are working overtime to add an easy to use Plugin Installer, which should also include alerts and announcements of updates or advisories about the Plugin on the WordPress Administration Panels. Improved Embedding and Searching: WordPress 2.5 offers improved embedding without the need for Plugins to handle images, audio, video, and more from various off-site services and self-hosted. The Media Library also will feature searching, so you don’t have to flip through the numerous pages and pages of thumbnails to find the image you want to reuse.
  • No More ALIGN
    WordPress Theme designers are required now to include CSS classes to accommodate the new alignment options for images and video: align-left, align-right, and align-center. They also need to include padding around image and video files so the text doesn’t squish against them, and users don’t come using to the Support Forums asking how to fix this.
  • Don’t Touch! I’m Editing Here
    A problem many multiple bloggers blogs have had with WordPress is the inability to tell when two people are working on the same post at the same time. They’ve just added a new feature that tests for “post edit collisions” and notifies you if someone is working on the same post as you are.
  • Plugin and Theme Authors Get More Hooks
    A serious attempt to totally “hook up” WordPress has been underway in the last few versions, with even more in this version. Adam Brown has put together WordPress Hooks Database in an attempt to track all of the new and deprecated hooks. If you are a WordPress Plugin or Theme author, it’s time to get up close and personal with WordPress Hooks.
  • WordPress Theme Designers Must Prepare for Changes
  • WordPress Plugin Authors Update Your Plugins Now
  • New admin interface
    An overhaul of the one we’ve had since version 2.0. The new one looks sort of like a cross between the version 2.0 blue interface and ye olde version 1.5 gray scheme.
  • Widget-Based Dashboard
    Finally, Dashboard-editing support!
  • Tag Management
    Now there will be an admin interface for managing your blog’s tags, presumably similar to the one for managing categories.
  • Full Text Feeds
    By popular demand, feeds now include the content after the ‘more’ tag when full text feeds are selected.
  • The Log in
    Login is no more.Log in is official. You’ll find Log in in the WordPress Log in Page as well as in the Sidebar.
  • The Password Strength Meter
    In the Users page, there is a Password Strength Meter next to the password form. The Password Strength Meter evaluates the strength of your password. Mine is apparently too short! That’s a good tip. Of course, WordPress is only as secure as your Admin password.
  • The Design Menu
    The Presentation menu item is history. It’s now called Design. Themes, Widgets and the Theme Editor are found in this page.
  • New Colors
    The first thing you will notice is the color change. Gone are the shades of the dark blue colors we’ve all come to love. It has been replaced by a much kinder, gentler and lighter blue, with some whites, a few grays and highlighted by the ever popular orangered color.
  • The Right Now Box
    The first item your eyes will see is the “Right Now” section plastered by an orangered horizontal banner. It contains two large gray buttons on the right that you simply can’t miss, the “Write a Page” and the “Write a New Post” buttons. Also included in the “Right Now” section are the statistics of your blog. It displays the number of posts, pages, drafts, categories, tags, spam counts and the number of widgets in use.
  • The Comment Bubble
    Another can’t miss new item is the “cartoon bubble” right above Comments menu. The “comment bubble” displays the number of comments being held in moderation. With this feature, the comment notification becomes much more obvious than the previous Admin Panels.
WordPress 2.5 Demo

To help bloggers overcome their emotions of curiosity, Chris Johnston has announced the availability of a public WordPress 2.5 Demo Site. The cool part is that it will host the most latest and up-to-date version of WordPress 2.5 until its official release. This way developers and keen bloggers wouldn’t have to setup the alpha and beta releases on their localhost to test all of the new features, they can just use the online demo site instead.

WordPress 2.5 Demo

Login: admin
Password: demo