WordPress 2.8.3 Tags Bug – Introducing Tagsless WordPress with Solution

by on August 5th, 2009

WordPress 2.8.3 released a while ago which was an essential security release. Most of people updated their blog to 2.8.2 and they were taken aback when saw after couple of days the admin message about updating their blogging software. Okay I have updated it too and everything looks fresh, more fast with improvements. I am posting right now and looking at its different aspects. I am currently facing problems in saving tags. I have a WordPress builtin ‘Post Tags‘ panel which can select pre used tags or you can add more new tags using it. I am also using ‘Simple Tags‘ plugin currently which can also suggest tags, add tags and auto complete tags while typing something, suggesting you some from your db.

tags-bugThe thing is; tags are not being saved. You just add tags or select your already used tags and after saving draft or publishing post, tags section just remains empty and these are not being saved. I have tried deactivating Simple tags plugin but same issue. It might be some other plugin or settings conflict but no tags are being saved? This issue will be resolved soon hopefully. It is for the current date. Some people have suggested solutions:

esmi here suggested the following:

  • Delete or refresh your browser cache
  • If you’re using Google Gears, try disabling it.
  • Try uploading fresh copies of wp-admin and wp-includes
  • Check your error logs for any warnings or errors
  • Try a forced re-upgrade via Tools->Upgrade->Re-install automatically and then clear your browser cache
  • Try another browser just to rule out any browser-specific problems

In WordPress Forums FireQuartz said

I just had this problem after I updated from 2.8 to 2.8.1 .. after wasting a morning, I discovered that the problem was a slightly corrupt “wp_terms” table (or whatever prefix you may be using) ..
Logging into phpMyAdmin, selecting the table, clicking the “Operations” tab up top, and then clicking “Repair Table” .. fixed the whole thing .. took about 10 seconds .. after wasting the morning that is.
If you don’t use phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL database, whatever you use should have a similar function .. or you can get all down and dirty by going through your terminal app with a “repair table TABLENAME” command.
Hope that helps.

You can use WP-dbmanager to repair whole database of WordPress or selective tables. I have done it also. Nothing happened. Same problem. It suddenly happens. Tags deny to be saved.


Why are you using DB-Cache Plugin, buddy? Okay I was using it too. Just deactivate that plugin and your tags will be saved again. Turns out its not a WordPress Bug, its a DB Cache Plugin Bug.

Goodbye DB Cache – OMG … more load at server… more Hosting RAM cost!!! But its worth it.

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  1. bet365 says:

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  2. Hiroshi says:

    @Hav: Welcome. Its funny though. Hope we will get an update of DB Cache plugin. I really want this plugin but without bugs. One possible thing, the author could do is to do not cache anything from wp-admin side related to database and that’s it. Everything which you edit and set from admin is related to database. Writing posts, editing posts, inserting tags, auto saving of posts and anything pretty much is about live communication to DB. The thing is DB Cache should Cache DB queries of front end and not from the admin area.

  3. Hav says:

    Thank you for figuring this out!! I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of the tag issue and you’re right, it’s 100% related to DB Cache.


  4. The release of WordPress 2.8.3 was unexpected but looking at the no of bugs and error wordpress 2.8.1 and 2.8.2 had, It was much expected update. Though I updated WordPress to 2.8.3 and I can still see few Errors in my dashboard