Winner – Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite GiveAway – Results

by on July 17th, 2010

avira winner results

We offered a GiveAway of Avira Premium Security Suite (09-July-2010). Total 62 guests participated in one week. Here is the Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite GiveAway winner.

  1. vhick
  2. saso
  3. John
  4. Paf
  5. mehrdad
  6. Joko
  7. Tc
  8. Alex
  9. Mike
  10. sosko
  11. princeaniket
  12. rock
  13. amit raina
  14. gurmi
  15. Murugesan
  16. rizul
  17. painkill
  18. Iglo
  19. Ben
  20. Jowin
  21. jijesh
  22. kurtumi
  23. ali
  24. poohkt
  25. Michal Stoppl
  26. ibheck
  27. Supremacy
  28. Suhan
  29. Grr
  30. rinsoy
  31. Phenom
  32. dodi nugraha
  33. sam1992martin
  34. Keypees S
  35. Slyvester
  36. jonesbr
  37. acatatease
  38. Tang
  39. my_immortalize
  40. Ref.
  41. aungzeya38
  42. ducu
  43. Cappydawg
  44. KCan
  45. GT
  46. maniac
  47. jenny
  48. yousef969
  49. deanxx
  50. Ali
  51. Free
  52. AstroSkipper
  53. swarnadeep
  54. Coast32
  55. alforamos
  56. Avi Singh
  57. Andreas
  58. rizul
  59. Suetonius
  60. Dhiraj Sinha
  61. vivek
  62. Jutt

We have picked a random user out of these all 62 with closed eyes and using a randomizer. The selection is purely transparent. TechMynd Randomizer does not include duplicate entries and non-subscribers. So here is the winner.



thanx…..great giveaway,hoping to win….


I am not sure but I guess our winner guest is from India.

Congratulations Gurmi.

An Email has been sent to Gurmi including downloading link and all the registration info and files of Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite.

Many Thanks to all the participants and winner. Many many GiveAways are in their way. So, Subscribe today. You can be the next winner. We have atleast single GiveAway every week. Any subscriber can again try his luck.

For guests who missed the opportunity, we recommend Subscribing to TechMynd to receive email updates so that we may inform you as soon as the new promotional offer is available. Only subscribers will get a chance to enter in giveaway offers. GiveAway for next week is Avast. There are 7 days left for that that offer yet! Subscribe and comment at Avast GiveAway to receive 2 years key of Avast. And this time we need three lucky winners for Avast. Besides Avast, another GiveAway is on its way.

4 Reviews

  1. Grr says:

    Congrats Gurmi.

    Thanks, Grr

  2. vhick says:

    Congratulation to Gurmi…

  3. kurtumi says:

    Congratulations Gurmi

  4. princeaniket says:

    congrats to the winner..
    thanks tech mynd for their to the time results…