Resurface Windows XP Hidden Keys and Passwords

by on January 26th, 2010

This is a caution to Microsoft. There is a software which can display hidden information (Windows XP registration keys, Microsoft products serial keys, passwords for messengers and more). RockXP (RockXP4) is a software which claims to scan deep in windows and provide you really hidden information with a single click. And it does what it says. We have tried it and it gives you ‘Windows keys’ and ‘serial numbers’. Anybody can make windows XP genuine permanently using it.

RockXP is a tool that allows you to retrieve password. To do that, RockXP uses a third part tool called Pwdump2.exe which is an opensource software (Sources are included in RockXp). This tool retrieves HASH password of Windows. Rock XP is a very nifty utility that allows you to gather information from PC. Generally, it retrieves hidden or forbidden information from Windows.

  • Get all Microsoft Software Serials
  • Change your XP key
  • Save you from XP activation
  • Retrieve you internet connection parameters (passwords)
  • Retrieve MSN login and password
  • Retrieve XP login and HASH password
  • Display system password (LSA)
  • Generate random password
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