Windows Vista Essential Tweaks (Part 2)

by on April 2nd, 2008

If we tweak Windows Vista a little but then it can provide amazing results and you can get rid of nagging about Windows Vista low efficiency and its less friendly environment where you can not access all the information quickly as you can in Windows XP. Here is second part of Tweaking Windows Vista for better performance.

How To Add Command Prompt To The Start Menu

You already know that Windows Key+R opens the RUN command box, which is now nested inside the All Programs menu. If you really miss it though, you can still add it back to the Start Menu:

  • Right Click on the Start Button and click Properties
  • In the Start Menu tab, click the Customize… button
  • Scroll down to “Run command” and check the box
  • Click OK; click OK again to close the window

The RUN command will now show up in your Start Menu as “Command Prompt”.

Resize Your Windows Vista Desktop Icons

You can resize your Desktop Icons in Windows Vista very easily.

  • Right Click on the Desktop
  • Click View
  • Select “Large Icons“, “Medium Icons“, or “Classic Icons

You can also manually adjust the size of the icons on your desktop. This isn’t hard but it does take a bit of coordination:

  • Left Click on the Desktop
  • Hold down the CTRL key
  • (While holding down the CTRL key) Scroll your mouse wheel up or down to adjust the icon size
Add Another Time Zone To Your Clock

One nice addition to Windows Vista is the ability to display the time in other time zones, which is good if you like to travel, or would like to know the time without doing the timezone math in your head.

  • Click on the Clock
  • Click “Change date and time settings…”
  • Click on the Additional Clocks tab
  • Check the box next to “Show this clock”
  • Click on the “Select time zone:” drop-down menu and click on a time zone
  • Click in the “Enter display name:” text box and type in a name for your clock
  • Click OK

To see the additional clock and time, simply hover your mouse over the Clock.

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