Windows Vista Basic Shortcut Keys

by on April 1st, 2008

With shortcut keys you can work faster and perform best. You can can finish your job quickly if you use shortcut keys more rather than mouse. Here are some of the basic shortcut keys for windows vista.

Some new shortcut keys:

WINDOWS KEY + G (cycles through the Gadgets)
WINDOWS KEY + L (lock the computer)
WINDOWS KEY + U (activates the Ease Of Use Center)
WINDOWS KEY + X (cycles through the Mobility Center)
WINDOWS KEY + Spacebar (moves the focus to the Sidebar)
WINDOWS KEY + Pause (opens the System Properties portion of Control Panel)
CTRL + -WINDOWS KEY + Tab (opens persistent Flip 3D)

Usual shortcut keys from previous Windows versions:

WINDOWS KEY + D (toggles showing the desktop)
WINDOWS KEY + E (opens File Explorer)
WINDOWS KEY + F (opens a search window)
WINDOWS KEY + R (opens the Run window)
WINDOWS KEY + T (cycles through the tabs of the applications on the taskbar)