Samsung is Introducing S Launcher in Windows 8

by on August 28th, 2012

In Windows 8 users noticed that Microsoft removed prominent Start button from Windows desktop. Microsoft executives explained that many Windows users do not use the Start button. An increasing number rely more on pinning favorite apps to their taskbar or they use keyboard shortcuts to access most used programs. So Microsoft introduced a tiled Start screen as part of the new Metro interface. The tiled Start screen is actually the start menu as part of new design. But still users may miss it because it was really easy and familiar to find and start programs. Samsung is bringing back a new stylish Start button in Windows 8 that is called as S Launcher.

Samsung is introducing the S Launcher, that is a simple widget which acts like the old start button. On all Windows 8 machines, Samsung will include the S Launcher, which is almost the same old Windows Start menu.

Besides Start button, there’s also a separate settings icon on the desktop that has many of the most commonly used controls, apparently hidden in Windows 8.

These two features of S Launcher will bring same old familiar experience in Windows 8 that users have been missing a lot. It will add missed accessibility for many Windows users.

Here are screenshots of this widget (S Launcher) by Samsung in Windows 8.

s launcher 500x211

s launch

[image source: mashable]