Download Windows 8 Ecologic

by on April 24th, 2011

windows 8 ecology concept

Download Windows 8 concept with voice recognizer login screen.

Windows 8 Ecologic is a clean and simple interface. It’s based on Windows 7 and Vista interface but with some minimalistic touches. This edition (Ecologic) is an idea about a fictional billionaire organization which sells a lot of products.

The login screen is a Voice Recognizer that (optionally) replaces the “typed password” method. It’s totally viable because – almost – everyone has a headphone with microphone but a touchscreen monitor for digital recognition is for near future. Not now because it’s REALLY expensive for 80% of the Windows Users.

Windows Media Player 12 with volume, song status, time and buttons (shuffle, repeat etc) only with mouse-over condition.

Explorer with Internet Explorer integrated. Maybe “Universal Explorer” for both together?

Download Windows 8 Ecologic Concept

Download Windows 8 Ecologic Concept