Windows 8 Brings Keyboard and SMS revolution

by on June 23rd, 2011

Microsoft’s unreleased new operating system, Windows 8, has recently leaked onto the Internet. According to build number 7989, the next generation of Windows operating systems is poised to tap into the tablet market, a field left so far untouched by Microsoft.

Although Windows has had a virtual keyboard since ancient days, this unreleased OS has revolutionized the look and feel of it, making it touch friendly, and ultimately tablet friendly. Moreover,  the new on-screen keyboard will also come with a split options, effectively cutting the keyboard in half and pushing each halves to their respective edge.

The Win 8 Keyboard will also incorporate support for emoticons as well as feedback sounds similar to those heard on Windows Phone OS.

Windows 8 Keyboard

Another feature discovered hidden in the code for the build was a type of per-feature licensing, which leads us to believe that Microsoft might consider offering users a basic version of the OS and prompting them to buy new features. This approach is very similar to Apple’s built method of supplying the iPhone with basic software, but marketing the App Store.

An interresting discovery made by Redmond Pie in the 7989 build was, strangely enough, support for SMS (Short Message Service), a service usually used in mobile communications. Most likely present for the tablets, SMS enabled Windows 8-based slates would allow users to directly send text messages. Another worth mentioning feature discovered would be the geo-location ability, supposedly intended to automatically detect a user’s time zone.

However, besides the many new features to be soon added to Windows 8, Microsoft’s ambiguous statements have frustrated many developers. While accustomed to using Visual Basic, .Net and Silverlight, programmers were baffled by certain comments stating that the only tools used to develop applications would be HTML 5 and JavaScript.