Add Items to Windows 7 Right Click Menu

by on July 12th, 2011


Context menu pops up when you right click at the computer desktop. For Windows 7 we have a freeware that can add items in the context menu. You can add gadgets, apps, task manager, most used software and more in the right click menu of Windows 7. Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to customize the context menu of many locations with ease in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Items can be added via commands, file path, browsing file location, folder and URL.

right click menu customizer

How To Add An Item in Context Menu

If you want to add a custom item in the context menu of Windows, run the tool as administrator. Select the location of the context menu from the Context Menu Location list. Enter the text that will appear in the context menu in the Text text box.

Enter the command that will be executed when you click the option in the Command text box. If you want the option to open a file, enter the path of the file. You can click on the … button to browse the file. If you want the option to open a folder, enter explorer, and the path of the folder. If you want the option to open a webpage, enter the name of a browser (chrome for Google Chrome, firefox for Mozilla Firefox, iexplore for Internet Explorer), and the URL of the web page.

Enter the path of the option’s icon in the Icon text box if you want. You can also click on the … button to browse the icon. Select the position of the option. Check Extended if you want the option to only appear when you press SHIFT and right-click. Check Disabled if you want to disable the option temporarily. Click Add Item. The option will be added in the context menu.

Download Context Menu Customizer

Download Windows 7 Right Click Menu Customizer