Wild Voice Podcast Studio

by on November 22nd, 2007

WildVoice Podcast Studio makes it easy to record and publish podcasts by using a computer and a microphone only. WildVoice Podcast Studio lets users record a show like a professional radio DJ in a matter of minutes. Talk live, mix music and other recordings (including adverts if you so wish to) and pass on your recording to other users to get ratings. This software is easier to use than complex sound editors that tend to discourage users from creating podcasts. WildVoice Studio will produce standard MP3 files that can be used anywhere. However, in order to create one’s own podcasts, users will need to sign up for a free account and WildVoice Podcast Studio will automatically upload and post the shows to the Web. WildVoice Studio makes it easy and fun to record podcasts and other audio.


  1. Record your show in clips, mixing in music and sound effects as you talk.
  2. Edit your clips, cutting out the parts you don’t like.
  3. WildVoice Studio merges your clips. Publish the finished show on WildVoice.com (right from WildVoice Studio!) or any other site that supports audio files.

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