Why You Should Move to Private Server When You are Ok with Shared Server

by on August 7th, 2009

This question arises in your mind when you face a conflict in case when you are at shared server environment but sometimes you feel that traffic is getting higher and website sometimes goes less responsive. You think that it is not a perfect time just yet, to move. Let the traffic be more and then you will move to ‘Private Server’. Some people even wait for Webhost to warn them about their heavy usage and need to upgrade. Read on to know some interesting facts which will help you to decide.

Consider the case when you are at shared server environment but you need to upgrade, what are you loosing?

You are loosing website traffic…and much more…

  • Due to heavy load sometimes when your website becomes less responsive, visitors do not wait much and leave.
  • ‘Internal Server Error’ or some other error caused by heavy load at server can divert away visitors.
  • Some potential visitors who are visiting your blog had to subscribe but they never got there due to error page and left.
  • You will loose earnings because you are loosing traffic.
  • Some subscribers, when see the error page they loose interest in your website and unsubscribe.
  • You have worked hard and some of your posts made it to Digg or ‘Stumble Upon’. In result your blog expect a lot of traffic and load which it can not bear to have because its at shared server environment and can not deal with such load of traffic. In this case even Digg or Stumble Upon is useless for your blog.
  • Now, Your posts will not be too often in Digg or Stumble upon, you get this chance sometimes.
  • With shared server its more like you got the chance but you missed it because shared server is never ready for the heavy load.
  • You can keep trying on the shared server but you will be at the same point after many years.
  • You will loose interest in your blog or website because your website seems to be at the same point where it was back some month.

If you get a ‘Private Server’ at exact point when you feel need for it or even before the need; its good for you and then its a chance that you will not loose traffic, potential visitors, subscribers and eventually money which is trying to find its way towards you. It is like when you want to earn more or gain extra attention you should prepare environment for that. Got posts in Digg and Stumble Upon? You better move to ‘Private Server’ before you loose anything and be prepared already. When you are at ‘Private Server’ you can take your mind off of load and error problems and just keep on doing work, which will increase traffic, subscribers, visitors and earnings. But you are now prepared for that earlier. Doesn’t matter what crawler visits your website. Digg users pour in or Stumblers find their way to Stumble Upon your blog, your website will be always up. To be in the game, you need to be prepared before the things what you wish and your blog or website expect.

What do you think?