Why Windows Users Hate Windows Despite Using it

by on May 31st, 2009


There are most users of Windows Operating System then any other OS alive and will be; perhaps, unless there would be any wicked revolution by open source hitting everybody from everywhere or Microsoft closes down for greater good of all or due to any other weird cause. People use Microsoft Windows but they do not love it. They are forced to use it because most of their programs run with Microsoft Windows easily. They have been using it for many years now and know it best. Usually they can tell instantly that when it is necessary to reinstall the windows. It could have been the best Operating System of the world or perhaps for Universe, but sadly it is not. Every professional who is using windows, is using it but when he looks at the Apple Mac user or Linux Ubuntu User, he sighs and thumbs him up with a cheeky face, wondering when he will be able to switch.

Microsoft makes their users feel sometimes that its all a trick. Whenever a Windows user thinks about other operating systems, he feels like he is trapped. I just needed some softwares run at my Laptop and I wanted to delete Windows Vista for the time being and install Windows XP instead. This is a Vista loaded Laptop. Manufacturers did not included Windows XP drivers and applications in the DVD. Okay that sounds logical that I bought this Windows Vista powered Laptop and there should have been just applications or drivers (VGA, sound, Lan, Modem etc) for Vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit. But I do not know why I felt indignant to find out that I wanted to switch back to Windows XP for a while and there are no drivers for old OS with the Laptop. It looks like they are promoting just Windows Vista. You might laugh about this but this statement confirms when I tried to install Windows XP at the Laptop. The Windows XP setup starts alright. When it reaches to the “Starting Windows…” screen then it gives “Blue Screen of Death”.





In case you do not know:
Blue Screen of Death is the favorite screen of every Windows user. When they find nothing amusing about Windows they switch to this screen and feel tremendous inner joy. It is like having a day off and visiting a beautiful garden full of flowers.

I tried to format the Vista OS partition of disk and then installing windows XP. But the same Blue Screen of Death appears again. I have a feeling that Microsoft encourages to stick to the Windows Vista after when you have installed it. That’s just a feeling. I am sure that if I format all my disk drives then Windows XP can be installed but I can’t delete the data (It took me one month to download all the movies and stuff all other disk drives with it to the full extent. I have to see many of these yet.). So lets stick to the Windows Vista for the time being and use those softwares (not for Vista) somewhere else.

Microsoft does not provide its user some freedom to do whatever he chooses to do. I am sure if you have tried to do this, you might have experienced such feelings also. That is why Windows user use Windows OS but they do not love it. XP was a freedom if there are no viruses.


“The Operating Systems Next Mania” from Microsoft when they introduced many flavors of Vista and then “No No We Made a Mistake, Do Not Use Vista, Use Windows 7” is very irritating. More choice, more confused customers. Now there are some specific programs/softwares for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is like Windows is not perfect, that’s why they are introducing more and more operating systems and they can not stick with a standard about what should be permanent in all upgrades. Microsoft excluded GPEDIT (Group Policy Editor) from Windows Vista Home Edition and they have no answer to this. Though they say that they listen to users feedback and make changes accordingly in further upgraded versions of operating systems. I wonder who suggested them to exclude Group Policy Editor?

Apple Get a MAC – Choose a Vista

Apple Get a Mac Commercials – 40 plus ads

If we speak optimistically, we might have been taking Windows OS taken for granted as well. What do you think?

If you are frustrated with the Windows in some way then feel free to let it out here. I won’t mind!

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  1. PenguinPowered says:

    Seriously, why is it so hard for people to absorb the idea that Microsoft is NOT an authority on anything other than Windows, which sucks, and Mac is NOT the only alternative?
    Go grab yourself a Kubuntu DVD (free download, use google) and boot it up and play with it for a bit (you can do so _WITHOUT_ affecting your existing setup, just to check it out).
    Macs are cool, but I refuse to pay the Apple Tax.
    For that matter, I know a number of people who own white macbooks who are now using Kubuntu (for various reasons) and they love it :)

  2. Windows says:

    ROFL it must be funny when you see the blue screen of death on airport! :D

  3. Hiroshi says:

    @Sami: Okay. That was a blunder. hehe. Blaming Microsoft is not a good choice. Infact these are settings. I have installed Win XP at notebook where it was Vista and XP installation was encountering a Blue Screen of Death. In my coming post I gonna explain that.

  4. Sami says:

    microsoft has nothing to do with it u might chek your bios setting and just change your hard drive setting which is (ahci) just disable it and enable( ata) mode setting of your hard drive now you can install windows xp