Who Will Validate the Design?

by on February 17th, 2008

There is a pretty excellent service which take care about HTML, XHTML, CSS which you produce and they certify these to be validated or not. You know what I am talking about? Of course I am talking about W3C. They save us by helping us conclude that whether the code is validated or not!

And the validated code recommended by W3C is acceptable for everyone. End of story.

Where as Designers face different challenge. They create a design to which some people will comment that “wow, what a beautiful design! What a color combination! What a brilliant approach! What a thoughtful design balance and flow. But, some people will not agree with the comments about the same design.

So I wonder that whether there is a design validating service for us on this global village or not? Which will save the designers from this contradicting behavior of people’s approach towards colors?