When Do You Need Dreamhost PS

by on August 7th, 2009

If you are a Dreamhost Webhost user and at shared server environment then it might be confusing for you to decide when you should move to Dreamhost PS. You need to know the particular indications by your website or blog when you should realize that it is time. Even then you can see if you can do anything with your files, scripts and data to minimize some resources and stay at shared server environment. Its worth it to save every single buck while you can. In my opinion when there is no other way then you should move to Private Server, doesn’t matter at what server you currently are. You can panic fairly earlier and decide to move to Private Server while you could save some money yet. Private Server costs a bit more. It has benefits, but you should know your need. Let me point out indications which show need to move to Private Server and how to check that you can do anything to stay put just yet or there is no other way but to upgrade your hosting account.

When Do You Need to Move to Private Server
  • If your website performance has decreased and its less responsive, then it is time.
  • If you get 500 ‘Internal Server errors’ more often, then it means you should move.
  • When you get response from support that some of your scripts are being killed by the server to save any kind of damage.
  • When you feel or expect that your website gets huge traffic from social networking websites. e.g. Digg.
  • When your website experiences downtime sometimes.
How can you make sure, there is no other way
  • Communicate with support and ask for some help.
  • Make sure to disable all heavy plugins and see if it works.
  • Customize blog scripts and files to minimize load time of pages.

If these above things do not work and you constantly get ‘500 error’ which is ‘Internal Server Error’ or experience website down time, and you are at Dreamhost sharing environment, it means you should move to Dreamhost PS. You are getting way to much heavy traffic and you need a fast server which could handle all those requests and load. The ‘Internal Server Error’ at Dreamhost is to avoid scripts load. When you are at shared hosting environment and some processes get stuck or run for a long time then shared server has to kill those crazy processes or running scripts. Remember that when some crawler like Google bot visits your website it also causes heavy load. Google bot has little time and it has to perform many things. It tries to crawl all your pages within short time and can cause your shared server get stuck. Once in a day atleast some crawler visits your website for sure if your website stats are showing you increase in the traffic and that is the time when you see peak in the load and traffic.