What is Jailbreak, Why Jailbreak, How to Jailbreak

by on July 16th, 2011

The iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) hacking that allows users to access to the entire Unix filesystem is called jailbreak or Jailbreaking is a process that gives a user read/write access to locked OS files on iDevices. Jailbreaking gives a user complete control over iPhone (and other iDevices) including customizing it and 3rd party apps installation. Jailbreaking is a hack to gains access to areas of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that users are not supposed to mess with. After that users can install 3rd party cool programs or unlock the handset for use with another cellular network. Lets talk about jailbreaking in detail.

What is Jailbreak

iOS jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations imposed by Apple on devices running the iOS operating system. Jailbreaking allows users to gain full access (or root access) to the operating system and unlocking all its features or potential.

Modifying iPhone’s firmware (iOS) to get access to the internals of its operating system and install a variety of third-party applications on your iPhone is called as Jailbreaking. Those third party applications are not otherwise available through official channels (App Store).


Jailbreaking voids the device’s warranty. Reliability of many of these jailbreak apps, particularly those that act as system extensions, is extremely dubious. They may do things the iPhone may not have been designed to do, and they do it without any official permission from Apple. Users have experienced problems in the process of jailbreaking (which can be corrected by restoring the device through iTunes), so jailbreak your iDevice with caution.

Under the DMCA of 2010, jailbreaking is legal in the United States. Jailbreaking process does not include any modification to the hardware, so it can be quickly and easily reversed simply by restoring the operating system through iTunes.

Jailbreaking is different from SIM unlocking. SIM unlocking is is for mobile phone to enable it accept any SIM card without restriction, thus allowing the use of alternative phone companies.

To software unlock iPhone, one must jailbreak first, giving the user full access of the device to do such a thing. One way to software unlocking is to buy a factory unlocked iPhone. Factory unlocked iPhones come SIM unlocked straight from Apple and don’t require to be jailbroken using third party software.

Tethered and Untethered Jailbreaking

A tethered jailbroken device will require that the device be connected to a computer (MAC or PC) each time when it needs a rebooted. An untethered jailbreak allows the device to be powered off, powered up, and rebooted without having to use the assistance of a Mac or PC.

Why Jailbreak

After jailbroken, users can download and install 3rd party applications, extensions and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store, via installers such as Cydia and more. A jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS can still use the App Store and iTunes and other normal functions, such as making telephone calls. Jailbreaking is necessary if the user intends to run software not authorized by Apple.

There are some useful and interesting applications available through unofficial channels that will likely never appear on the App Store due to SDK restrictions.

Apple banned an app submitted by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, Mark Fiore, because it “ridiculed public figures”. Apple banned the use of apps that allowed users to donate money to non-profit organization and charities. Apple also banned the controversial WikiLeaks app, stating it “violated their developer guidelines.” Apple banned a pro-Palestinian app after Israel claimed that it incited violence. Apple stated the app violated their developer guideline by “being offensive to large groups of people.” Apple has also been accused of banning apps from developers in order to profit from the idea themeselves. As the list of banned apps continues to grow, some users have found jailbreaking to be a viable alternative to Apple’s censorship of content.

If you wanted to shoot video with your iPhone, you had to jailbreak and download an app called Cycorder from Cydia that would let you shoot and save video, because your iPhone out of box couldn’t do it before. Same with cut/copy/paste functions, MMS, which were only available if you had jailbroken your iPhone.

Apps like Winterboard from Cydia that allow you to customize home screen, change the look of iPhone lock screen, and change the overall theme of iPhone requires jailbroken iPhone. You can make the iPhone look completely different than the way it does when you open the box for the first time if you jailbreak and install few unofficial apps.

Cydia comes with tons of apps like MyWi which lets your iPhone to convert into a WiFi host spot or My3g which can let you use face-time on 3G network instead of WiFi .

A jailbroken iphone can be unlocked to access different carriers. Many mobile phone manufacturers software code their cellular device to work only with a certain operator. Such phones are called carrier locked. The process of unlocking iphone will then allow you to use SIM cards of any operator of your wish. Iphone in the United States come carrier locked to AT&T.

How to Jailbreak

Comex releases JailbreakMe 3.0, which can jailbreak all iDevices (including iPad 2), on firmware 4.3.3. Other applications that can be used to jailbreak iDevices are following.