What is Burn Multisession DVD Disc

by on November 22nd, 2009


Sometimes when you burn data onto a DVD+R it says:

Warning You are about to burn a multisession DVD disc. Burn multisession anyway? If you click this button, you can add data to this disc. However the second session and above might not be readable on some DVD-ROM devices or DVD players…
Burn multisession anyway
Burn withoutmultisession

Some users get confused with Multisession disc write. many choose Burn Multisession anyways. Wanna know which one should you choice or what is the difference in these anyways? Here is the explanation for these choices.

Multi session allows you to use a little of the media and fill it up later. This is useful if you want to store a growing collection.

What’s a Multisession Disc?

A session is a recorded segment that may contain one or more tracks of any type. The CD/DVD recorder doesn’t have to write the entire session at once. you can write a single track, and come back later and write another but the session must be “closed” before a standard audio CD or CD-ROM player will be able to use it. Additional sessions can be added until the disc is closed or there’s no space left. This provides a simple and fairly reliable way to write some data to a disc now and still be able to add more later.

Simply when you burn a data disc, multisession is something which allows you to add on more data to the disc later if there is still space available on the disc. The thing about it is that if you want to use multisessions later, Nero will burn the disc in a slightly different way so it needs to know if you want to use multisession or not. That is why that message appears. If you selected “Burn Multisession Anyway” the disc would still be readable as normal. The problem (not readable in some cases) only occurs if you add on data to a multisession disk later. If you just select multisession mode but don’t add on more data, you are not affected. So It doesn’t matter which option you chose, it doesn’t make a difference. In any case, multisession disks with data added on should not have a problem reading on Windows XP or Windows 2000, Vista or Windows 7, contrary to what the message says.

One Review

  1. Al Khalid Mansur says:

    Not true. You stated that multi-sessions are only a problem if you “add more data” and give the example of selecting “start multi-session” on the first time one burns the disc. If you select this option, then burn the disc, don’t finalise it but don’t add more data later on, it will not work in most CD players. Why? Because the session is still open. And once you close a previous open session without opening a new one, or in other words you finalise the disc, the CD/DVD cannot have more data added to it later on. The only way to be sure an authored CD/DVD will work without fail in traditional home devices is to finalise it.