What I Hate About TechMynd

by on July 8th, 2010

what i hate about techmynd

I love TechMynd over all but you know nothing is perfect….there are certain things I hate about TechMynd. I am going to let it out. I will also tell you the reason why we can’t get rid of what we don’t like. Although you can suggest us if any alternative is out there.

TechMynd Asks Guests to Subscribe

This is one big reason I hate TechMynd, but we can not help but asking your email to serve you better. Although, no one wants to subscribe.

Subscriptions waste more of your valuable time because you have to receive emails from sites you have subscribed to at almost daily basis. You can’t like all the content of any website. You like some aspects of any website and you choose to subscribe to that site because you like any particular area of that website. But you receive whole email containing all the updates of a website after you subscribe.

Well! TechMynd also asks you to subscribe and choose to receive the updates.

Reason: TechMynd need readers. We like to know our guests who read TechMynd often. We like to know more about you and server you more so we want to establish an email connection with you. Subscribers are more valuable than guests. We give priority to our subscribers because they are our regular readers and they make TechMynd a better place by their interest in it. We listen to them more.

TechMynd posts promotional offers and full software as a giveaway often and for that if you have subscribed then we will be able to inform you asap so that subscribers get the benefit from the offer first. Many times I see guests arriving late at offer and send us emails asking about the offer, but you know, the time is always short. All free premium stuff goes away as soon as it arrives at TechMynd.

We ask people to comment to get the premium stuff. After that we randomly select lucky users and distribute what we have between them. If you are a subscriber, then you will be informed as soon as any free full software / game / antivirus is available. You can just comment the post to get you a chance to win that software easily.

By subscription, you connect with TechMynd and subscribers are direct involved in making TechMynd a better place.

By subscription you don’t even need to visit TechMynd. You just open your email and glance at the updates. Read all you want and download stuff directly from the email. This saves your time and our server’s bandwidth.

There are many more good reasons that help you if you subscribe to TechMynd. More subscribers motivate us to keep doing good stuff for you.

We are doing it again…We are asking you to please subscribe to make use of TechMynd in a better way.

Receive updates / Promotional Offers / GiveAways / Software / Games in Your Email

All Other Reasons
  • TechMynd has got less contributors. TechMynd can serve you better if you join TechMynd. If you have good writing skills and want to write something useful related to internet, technology and software then you are more then welcome. We need contributors.
  • TechMynd is not speedy enough. We test stuff before publishing it. This makes us slow in writing stuff. We believe in giving quality stuff that actually works. We do not post everything.
  • TechMynd can’t post everything. There are laws for online publishers, we have to abide by those laws to keep TechMynd alive. We know we make some users unhappy but we can’t help it.
  • Sometimes, TechMynd uploads password protected files. This helps us to avoid content theft, which is very hard to avoid.
  • TechMynd does not promote itself by all means. Its a strange thing but we never try to get traffic by posting links everywhere. It just does not seem to be a better idea. Although we might be loosing visitors and search engines love in doing so. But we have no interest in going about everywhere and shout everything we have got. We update our users using Twitter and Facebook though, because those medium are used by people to follow what they like.
  • Oh! the design…We will change TechMynd’s design soon.

What do you hate about the TechMynd? You can suggest us and we will try to improve.

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