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Web hosting is not a complicated subject for a static website which nobody will visit, until you get a blog and be able to promote it, resulting with Digg, Stumble Upon and Slahsdot big time hits. If you have got a dynamic website with good content, Sooner or later you will have to move your host (In case of good Blog or forum, sooner). It is like changing house because old house can’t meet your growing needs always. When I started blogging, I went to the local 3rd party hosts involved in web hosting reselling business. I got my package (domain name and hosting) and returned happily. Grabbed WordPress and jumped in. I started blogging. When fun part of the game started, lights went out.

Blog traffic and plugins together, give web host a tough time. Now this is the check. If the web host is strong, it will bear otherwise not. My hosting providers told me that their servers were not able to meet the load requirements which plugins and database connection requests were causing.

Traffic at my blogs was not much that time. Alone my blog killed the server. I had to move to another host. I downloaded my files, cursed them a bit and moved to a better web host. When you move your files, domain names and everything, it costs you in some way. If you have more then one websites; the process is more painful involving data loss risk. Expert users can transfer everything from server to server but the ratio people are into computer and blogging is more than those people who actually understand these areas. When you move from one host to another:

  • You might Loose Traffic
  • You might Loose Page Ranks
  • You might Loose Visitors
  • You might Loose Your Own Spirits

If you ask me then I would suggest that Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), MediaTemple, DreamHost and GoDaddy (for websites) are the best hosts. Give WPwebhost a try as well for blog which is cheaper and strong option as compared to dreamhost or media temple. A lot of giants and powerful communities e.g. Twitter are at Amazon S3 now. Cloud Hosting is also preferable by many.

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Anyways I have learned from the experience. Moved from the second host too. Some of my friends also started their websites and blogs. One was related to Music/movies downloads. Huge traffic was coming to it. He tried many hosts practically, wasted much of his budget and then found a suitable one. I am going to share my experience with you so that you may decide the best before purchasing the web host for you. Here I will recommend you just those web hosts who can survive your blog/ online resource and your budget both.

Dedicated Hosting is very costly for a new webmasters. Virtual Dedicated Hosting / Semi Dedicated Hosting is preferable when your blog or websites have thousands of hits per day, otherwise you can go for a cheaper one option e.g. shared hosting with some good host. Make sure you purchase the right web hosting e.g. If you are going to start a blog, it will need more resources than a simple website. Choosing a great Web Host is a difficult task. Do not go for Cheap Hosting if you intend for a big website or blog that will roll. Register Domain and get Domain Name after a lot of thinking. However get your Personal Domain Name before anybody else could get it.

Dream Host

They are green and they are happy, so are their customers. Dreamhost gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth to its customers. And its a fact. My blogs got hit by Digg and Stumble Upon many times and I had been amazed to see the number of visitors, yet the server was calm, up and running like normal. This is my personal experience about Dream Host. Their servers are just secure, powerful and a challenge for huge traffic even with shared web hosting environment. You can host unlimited domains under single account. The hosting account also has a CVS Repository, WebDAV, Snapshot Data Backup, Real Audio and Video (http stream) and QuickTime Streaming.

  • UNLIMITED Storage
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • $5.95/month

DreamHost Details


Site5 is great webhost with everything you need at one place.

  • UNLIMITED Storage
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared hosting ($4.95)
  • Shared cloud hosting ($22.50)
  • Reseller hosting ($23.95)
  • Reseller cloud hosting
  • VPS ($50)
  • Cloud VPS ($100)
  • Managed Servers ($200)
  • Unmanaged servers ($165)

Site5 Details

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