Web Browser to Unblock Websites

by on November 21st, 2013

There are many ways to protect your privacy online and unblock websites. We have listed few resources and software previously that help to surf the web anonymously and unblock youtube or other blocked websites. We have mentioned ‘FreeGate‘ and ‘HideMan‘. We have also mentioned how to view videos that are not available in your country. Here is yet another rather easy way to surf the web anonymously and protect your privacy online. Its a web browser that encrypts browsing sessions, open blocked sites, and protect user’s privacy. HTTPS is on by default. No configuration or manual setup is needed to use this web browser. Based on the open source project “Chromium”, it is a Chromium-like browser.

It connects internet via a secure connection, encrypting your browsing data, hiding your IP, and making you anonymous to protect your privacy. It can open sites that are blocked by your ISP. WebFreer is a Google Chrome like web browser that will be installed like a regular program and on opening, it will show a default page containing advertisement but by using it, you can browse any website that has been blocked.

Because its based on chromium, its fast and can open heavy websites quicker than FireFox. It shows advertisements but the benefit here is that you do not need to search for proxy websites or install any browser add-on to protect your privacy. It is a web browser and it creates an icon on desktop. On opening you will think that it is chrome browser but its not.

Apart from advertisements, its a great way to unblock websites. I have used many software for privacy protection but those software take some time before you can browse any website. This, however is ready to use. Just open the browser and start using websites anonymously.

If you search over the web, you can find a way to block the advertisements it shows and you can also remove default page that it displays. But anyways less annoying popups and advertisements than the AnchorFree Hotspot VPN.

Download Web Freer

Download WebFreer