Web Browser Open Tabs Backup and Management – 16 Best Add-ons for Chrome and Firefox

by on September 4th, 2013

Heavy Internet users are most likely to often have multiple tabs open simultaneously. You can secure your active tabs against any crashes as well as synchronize them among your various work places. We would l ike to share few tips on how to manage your open tabs effectively in various browsers. We have reviewed TagCloud that allows you to save open tabs in the cloud via Google and lets you use again your saved tabs from any PC or other web browsers. You do not have to keep open multiple browser windows and tabs all the time on PC to work. Just save them via Google and close all the tabs and windows. Next time when you use firefox or chrome, you can easily open all tabs from cloud. We have some more extensions to recommend that allow you to manage you open tabs.

Open Tabs Management

Sesh takes open tabs backup on demand in Google Chrome. You can save a tab or an entire windrow containing multiple active tabs. Sesh lets you unclutter your browsing session by putting away tabs you don’t need now and letting you come back to them later. To use Sesh, click on the extension icon. You can then store the current tab or all tabs in the current window. Storing tabs puts them away, clearing up space for you to do other things. To get back to a saved tab or set of tabs, just click on it, and it will be opened and removed from storage. To sync your stored tabs across different computers, just enable Chrome sync and you’ll be good to go.

Sesh for Chrome

Save My Tabs is available for Firefox and Chrome that works in the background and saves your active tabs automatically. The addon regularly creates a new text file, that contains information on all open tabs user had kept opened by the time the file was created. You can change addon preferences including time frame to create new backup (default value is 15 minutes) and file path to be stored in.

Save My Tabs for Firefox
Save My Tabs for Chrome

Tab Backup is available for Firefox that takes backup of opened tabs. Right click and click on ‘backup tabs’ and the tab data will be copied to the clipboard to be pasted.

Download Tab Backup for Firefox

FreshStart Session Manager for Google Chrome lets you manage your browsing session easily. If you have different sets of websites that matter to you at work, at home or at different times, or if you have multiple users on your Chrome, you should give this a try.

It can save multiple windows into a single session, save all open tabs to a new session (or hand select what to be saved). It can autosave your windows every few minutes for crash recovery. You can restore a session in a new window, or merge it with the current window by ctrl-click (Windows, Linux) or cmd-click (Mac). It allows session editing and you can easily merge new tabs into existing sessions. You can export and import sessions. Sessions are saved in the “FreshStart Sessions” folder in bookmarks, allowing you to synchronize it with other computers.

Download FreshStart for Chrome

TooManyTabs for Chrome and Firefox allows easy management for opened tabs. TooManyTabs add-on allows you to store as many tabs as you like by adding extra rows in the Firefox. Instead of allowing idle tabs to waste your PC’s memory, you can now put your tabs on the extra rows, remove them from the memory, and restore* them in your browser when you need them again. The extra rows also allow you to better prioritize and visualize your tabs. Finding the right tab have never been easier! Features include:

  • Bird’s eye view of all opened tabs
  • Clear preview of each tab’s content
  • Instant tab search
  • Sort tabs by creation time, domain or title
  • Restore recently closed tabs
  • Suspend idle tabs and save memory, organize with custom columns
  • Custom themes
  • Import tabs data from TooManyTabs for Firefox

TooManyTabs for Chrome
TooManyTabs for Firefox

Quick Tab for chrome offers a drop-down menu that presents all currently open tabs.

Download Quick Tab for Chrome

Close Tabs lets you do this quickly by right-clicking anywhere on a page and then selecting an action from the Close Tabs menu. You can close tabs by domain, close all tabs to the right or left of the current tab, and perform a few other useful actions.

Download Close Tabs for Chrome

Sexy Undo Close Tab for Chrome creates an icon that opens a pop-up list of closed tabs. You can reopen tabs by clicking on the page name or you can search through your history of closed tabs to find a specific option.

Download Sexy Undo Close Tab

Session Manager saves browser state and lets you re-open the session at a later time.

Download Session Manager for Chrome
Download Session Manager for Firefox

Recent History keeps track of all the pages you’ve recently visited and provides easy access to them via a new icon that is installed alongside the bookmark icon. You can open history pages in a new tab with a right-click, and there is a search function included as well.

Download Recent History for Chrome

TabJump is a contextual tab navigator that pops when you click on a new icon installed beside the bookmark icon. Rather than listing all tabs in a lump, TabJump has three columns – Undo, Related and Jump. Undo lists recently closed tabs, Related lists other open tabs from the same site you’re currently using, and Jump lists all other open tabs. It’s quite a brilliant way to organize tabs, packing maximum information into limited space.

Download TabJump for Chrome

TabsPlus forces Chrome to the last selected tab whenever you close a tab.

Download TabsPlus for Chrome

TabCounter provides you with several statistics including the number of tabs you’ve opened today, the number of tabs you currently have opened, and the number of tabs you’ve opened since you installed the extension.

Download TabCounter for Chrome

TabGroups Manager helps to classify and organize tabs by dividing them into Groups. Because tabs become easier to manage, you can never have too many! TabGroups Manager is ideal for tab power users.

Download TabGroups Manager for Firefox

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more. It also includes a full-featured session manager.

Download Tab Mix Plus for Firefox

New Tab King brings the most personalized launchpad to the sites you use the most, recently closed tabs, suggested sites and more – forget about a blank tab of firefox and convert it into something useful about tabs management.

Download New Tab King for Firefox