Web-based Project Management System – ActionThis

by on December 6th, 2007


Yet another alternative Powerful Online Project Management System. You may have read my previous posts about web-based online project management systems, e.g. Wrike and Basecamp. ActionThis is also in this series claiming to be the Next Generation Project Management System.

ActionThis is a web-based service for managing projects and tasks and making sure they get finished. ActionThis works with your everyday tools to help you get stuff done and go home early. ActionThis is a hosted software service that enables members to plan, execute and improve the performance of their teams.

With ActionThis you can:

  • Assign and manage action items across teams
  • Finish your tasks and projects, and work together to finish team projects
  • Improve ongoing performance by understanding workloads and trends

ActionThis Website

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  1. Charlie B says:

    You have mentioned 3 products that can be useful but you forgot what is to me probably the best project managment software on the market Communiclique. I have been using their software for over 6 months now and i couldn’t be happier with the results that it has produced. My organization has been running more efficiently by implementing this software into all of our projects.You should take a look at it , it really is incredible software. The VoIP feature it offers is a very effective tool in terms of collaboration as it creates meetings with out having all of your team in the office.