Why Do You Visit TechMynd

by on March 20th, 2010

If you are already familiar with TechMynd then we are talking to you. We want to know that if you visit TechMynd then what brings you back to it? Why do you keep visiting TechMynd. Internet is a waste of time. TechMynd also wastes some of your time. If you tell us about your need then we think we can improve TechMynd based on what you like most about it. You tell us what do you think about TechMynd and what you like most here and we will bring that stuff more often to you. TechMynd wants to serve you more. We want to help you more what you search for. Following is a poll which asks about the reason you visit TechMynd for, so that we can give that to you what you want from us.

Please use the following poll and answer this. If you have any other reason you visit TechMynd, then use comments section to speak your mind.

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