Using Voice Recognition With Bluetooth Cell Phones

by on December 13th, 2009

When you are on the road you need to be able to receive calls on your mobile phone. It is unrealistic of legislators to say that no calls should take place while you are driving. I do agree that you should not use a hand to hold your phone to your ear. I also agree that any use of the cell phone must remove the need to look away from the road to operate it. But with the introduction of better voice recognition applications there is simply no need to use a cell phone in an unsafe way. Bluetooth headsets are absolute boons to working folks across the world. As phones increasingly support the wireless standard, these headsets allow them to talk hands free and concentrate on other activities, such as driving or merely walking around. It sure is much more enjoyable to walk around when you don’t have to hold a phone to your head, and it’s much safer to drive when you can keep both eyes on the road. If you want a headset that is good for talking on the phone but not much else, then a Bluetooth mobile headset is the choice to make to save you money.

The voice recognition systems mean that when a call comes in you can answer it with your voice. When you want to make a call you simply use your voice to instruct the mobile phone to make the call.

Voice Recognition Advances

The early voice recognition cell phones were not very good. They were difficult to set up and did not work with all voices. Now that processor technology has improved so much, the audio signals can now be deciphered quickly and accurately. The software has been developed to take account of regional accents and dialects. The most important improvement is that the software “learns” the voice of the owner over time. So the accuracy becomes better and better over time. This voice technology has vastly improved the functionality of Bluetooth cell phones. The voice recognition software is also being applied to desktop computing and other business uses. As a result of these improvements drivers can make and receive calls safely. They do not need to look or even touch their cell phone

Bluetooth mobile phones detect the driver’s voice and place the call automatically, and then the driver can talk without holding the phone to an ear by using a Bluetooth enabled headset or using the Bluetooth cell phone’s speaker phone functionality. Keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road makes driving that much safer, not just for the driver but for everybody on the road.

The other reason that voice recognition works better is that the Bluetooth headsets are more comfortable and the microphones are more sensitive. The microphones are also good at filtering out unwanted noise and other sounds. The combination of better voice recognition and Bluetooth headsets makes hands free calls in your car as safe as it can be. What needs to happen is for drivers to buy in to this voice recognition technology and stop using their hands and eyes to make calls. It always amazes me that someone will drive a £30,000 car and not spend another £100 on a decent Bluetooth headset to help them drive safely.

One Review

  1. John Rob says:

    I abide by law and do not type text messages while driving. It was a simple down load of application that helps me not to type text messages while I drive.