Use Old Windows Live Messenger Instead of Windows Skype Remix

by on June 18th, 2013

Windows Live Messenger has been discontinued from Microsoft and now Windows users can use Skype to use Skype and/or Windows Live Messenger. If you try to sign in by using your Windows Live Messenger, it will only display a prompt to update instead of bringing you online. Microsoft is enforcing this change for Windows users but there are still some who love Windows Live Messenger and will not shift too soon to Skype. If you would like to use old Windows Live Messenger then here is a way to disable update notification for Windows Live Messenger and use the same old Live Messenger instead of upgrading it to Skype.

live messenger update to skype

Use Messenger Reviver to revive Windows Live Messenger that has been disabled by Microsoft. You just have to download the software, run it and hit start and that is it. Windows Live Messenger will appear and take you online after sign in process.

windows live messenger reviver

Click “Start” and it will automatically modify Messenger and restart it. If Windows Live Essentials is not installed, Reviver will offer the option to install it. If Essentials is installed, but Skype has removed it, Reviver offers the ability to chose from and reinstall Windows Live Messenger 2009 or Windows Live Messenger 2012. If you do not have Live Messenger then you can install Live Messenger 2012 from here.

Download Windows Live Messenger Reviver

Download Windows Live Messenger Reviver – exe
Download Windows Live Messenger Reviver – Zip


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