Use Trial Software Forever without Expiration

by on March 21st, 2010

We can use software to have trial version of any software without expiration as I have posted earlier but there is a way you can do it yourself as well. Using this technique you will be able to use trial version of any software as long as you want. Sometimes you are not sure whether you are ready to buy software or not when you have used it and its trial period has been over. You want to try it more but that software won’t get reinstalled at PC and says that the trial period is over, please purchase software. Here is a trick that will enable you to install that software again at your PC and you can use that trial software again. Use this trick and you can use a trial version of any software forever.

When we install any software, it places some entries in computer registry. After when trial period is over and you uninstall it, all the files will be removed from PC but its registry entries will remain there. Do the following:

How to Reinstall Trial Version Again and Again

  • Uninstall the software completely.
  • Go to run
  • Type regedit, hit enter
  • Registry editor will be opened
  • Press Ctrl+F or Edit->Find
  • Type the software name
  • Select Look at Keys, Values, Data
  • and hit Find next
  • If it finds any key or data then Delete that
  • Hit F3 for Next find
  • Keep finding next data, keys for the software and delete all one by one

Try different name of same software and delete its all data and keys from registry.

Now try reinstalling the software and in most cases, you will be able to reinstall the software again and use the trial period again.

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    I am specially thankful to you and pray for you long life. jazakallah.

  3. Vedansh says:

    nice one thanks

  4. poonam says:

    Thanks a ton for posting such a nice tips to save our times.

  5. Hiroshi says:

    @jerry: you can type that command in run.
    Click start > Run > regedit
    Registry Editor will pop out.

  6. jerry says:

    but does it work with photoshop CS4??? and where do you type ” regedit ” ??????