Use Complete Hard Disk Space

by on May 19th, 2008

enablebiglba.gifClick at the figure at right for full version of image before reading this. Have you noticed that the hard disk with more and more size you use, some of your MBs or GBs will not show up when you will see hard disk drives sizes or complete hard disk available size in My Computer. It will always show less size than origional and what the hard disk size actual is! Suppose you have 160GB of Hard Disk Drive and it just shows up 128 GB in windows. With this tip you can use more available space within your hard disk which is available but somehow reserved by the computer. Here how it is…

Go to Start
type in run command regedit and enter.
Now we will have to search for some value.
Right Click at right side and click new.
Create a new dword and name it EnableBigLba
Double click at it and assign it a value of 1
Close registry.
Restart PC.
Enjoy max capacity of your hard disk.

*Be careful with the registry*
*Take backup of registry and PC files first*
*Do not do unless you know what are you doing with the registry*