URI Choice Checklist – Choosing Perfect Domain Name

by on July 9th, 2007

If you are a webmaster or intend to run a website then you will need to have a domain name. Some address. Here is a checklist which you can consider before buying a domain name. Its important from SEO point of view and from website success and popularity point of view. e.g. msn.com is really easy to digest while alta-vista-website.com is not. Consider these questions before you choose a URI (URL) for a new location (website, domain):

  • Can you easily write the chosen URI on a piece of paper, or can you remember it easily?
  • Can you spell the chosen URI on the phone?
  • Does the chosen URI give hints about the content of the resource? Will it still make sense if the resource evolves?
  • Did you choose to locate the URI near the root level of your Web server? Are you certain it is the best location?
  • Can you see any reason that would force you to move this resource in the future? New resources that would fit better at this location? A re-organisation of your server maybe?
Few Tips
  • Keep it short. Use lower-case URIs if possible.
  • Organise your Web site by topics for big areas, and use dated URIs such as http://www.example.org/2003/10/meeting-minutes for standalone documents. You can also choose to use dated space in addition to a classification by Area for extra tidyness.
  • Use format negotiation to hide file extensions in URIs, giving you enough flexibility to change the underlying technology without too much pain.
  • And finally, since nobody is perfect, learn to manage URIs for when you find out your choice was not so good after all.