Inpage Urdu Software Download

by on May 6th, 2013


Urdu Inpage is complete Urdu publisher program. Not only Urdu, you can also type in several other related languages by using it. e.g. Farsi, Arabic, Kashmiri, English. InPage has been used for a wide variety of publishing requirements for newspapers, magazines, and books etc. Type Urdu and export and/or copy/paste in Coral Draw or you can export image for documents created in Inpage.


Urdu Inpage Features

  • Calligraphic style handling of Nastaliq script using Nastaliq font
  • Handling of all Perso Arabic scripts correctly, accurately and aesthetically
  • Easy intermixing of these languages with English and other left to right languages
  • Easy to use and Standardized MS Windows interface with support for all MS Windows platforms
  • Full complement of Page Layout features including Pages, textboxes, pictures, text runaround and lots of sophisticated typographic control

Download Inpage Urdu Software Free

Download Inpage Urdu 2000 (14.2 MB)
Download Inpage Urdu 2005 (13.4 MB)
Download Inpage Urdu 2009 (13.9 MB)
Download Inpage Urdu 2011 (30.5 MB)
Download Inpage Urdu 2012 (12.6 MB)