Upload Videos at Vimeo from Desktop – Vimeo Desktop Uploader

by on October 5th, 2009

vimeo desktop videos uploader

Users have been asking for it for years, and now it’s coming. The Desktop Videos Uploader for Vimeo is a fancy new way to upload your videos without ever launching your web browser. This should be perfect for those of you who sometimes have trouble uploading, and for folks who would like to batch upload a bunch of videos at once. Features include:

  • More-stable uploading (no more frustrating browser time-outs!)
  • Pause/resume features (Start. Stop. Get a sandwich. Start again. NBD.)
  • Upload multiple videos at once (Up to 10 at once!)
  • Edit titles, tags, and descriptions (more controls coming in future updates)
  • Available for Windows, Macs, and Linux (it uses Adobe AIR)

vimeo desktop uploader screens

The uploader will be in public beta soon, but you can get special access now by asking for it here.

More screenshots of vimeo video uploader and ideas here.