Unlimited Free File Sharing Right From Your PC

by on April 3rd, 2009


Want to share movies? How about sharing file with 8 GB size! FrOm YoUr PC!!! Yeah!!! Share files right from your PC to any friend. Unlimited file sharing service which lets you share files which you want right from your PC. You do not need to upload anything. Just share from your PC and give others link for it to download. The internet sharing style gonna change, Dude! It is sharing without upload. Meet ZaPr.

Zapr is a really simple way to let anyone share anything to anybody. You can:

  • Broadcast your own content
  • Create your own sharing spaces
  • Share files and folders in real-time

Zapr lets you create URL links to any files or folders on your PC. You can then send these links to others (via email or IM or YOURNAME.zapr.com) and they can get the files or see the folders directly from your PC via any browser. They do not need to register or install software. WOW! Isn’t it?

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Watch Video Demonstration For Sharing Without Upload