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by on May 25th, 2010

Currently some countries blocked FaceBook and then the YouTube for some reasons involving social causes (to avoid general public and social disturbance). The unwanted content for some nations could cause much problem for general public overall so the governments and officials tried to persuade FaceBook and YouTube to remove the unwanted content which could hurt particular public feelings and afterward when they did not listened those countries banned and blocked these sites for whole public in their countries overall. This also caused a huge traffic and revenue loss to FaceBook and YouTube but we are not talking about that. This raised some approvals from public which was in favor of punishing YouTube and FaceBook on ‘not listening to the public feelings towards some sacred issues’ but many publishers and business people had really terrible ‘WTF Moments’ of their lives because they could not watch their favorite videos, information, technology updates, trailers, tutorials and more online. YouTube is also a learning resource where people watch tutorials and learn huge stuff they can’t at school. So, well if you are one of those people who desperately need to get their work going at YouTube then here is the way you can unblock YouTube. No! I am not giving you proxies. Proxy sites are spam and most of them do not work.

Unblock any website – Surf Anonymously

The act of blocking of YouTube in many countries is considered as a political act rather then religious or public favor or welfare act by some critics. Like in some countries media is so bold that they captured many unwanted videos of government officials and uploaded at the YouTube and later on those politicians took advantage of the situation and also blocked the YouTube. The restriction on the YouTube is so severe that even proxy sites were not working. If the user was able to open the YouTube website then he could not see the videos or even thumbnails of videos.

Now it is good that you should respect the local government laws and avoid what they point to avoid but then there are some people who have to get intouch with the technology and latest bytes which is like impossible without YouTube. Every major blog, website is posting YouTube videos to demonstrate tutorials, new technology and more…

e.g. I mean if your Government has blocked YouTube and you have to watch ‘Google TV Demonstration Video’, where you gonna find it? Only at YouTube. That is why sometimes you have to do the stuff you do not want to do.

You can use VPN online services. These services change your IP address and location for the time being to lift country based internet restrictions. These make anonymous surfing or secure internet connectivity possible. Make your traffic appear to originate from a United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Canada. Access blocked sites.

You can use the following VPN services at your own consent.

HotSpot (Anchor Free)
Free VPN
Open VPN

Some of the above proxies are ad supported. It is not advisable to do stuff like this. Only do this if you have to do it and there is no other way and you are getting some kind of problem if you are not unblocking site or changing your IP.

You can also try using Stealthy (extension for Chrome and Firefox), Tor Client (keeps your activity anonymous and lets you browse and access websites), JonDo (ip changer proxy tool), TunnelBear (VPN software) or Ultrasurf (bypass firewalls and protect your identity online) to unblock websites. Spotflux is another good option to unblock websites.

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