Ultimate Online Backup and Large Files Transfer Solution

by on April 25th, 2013


Here is the ultimate backup and online data transfer solution. Want to move a large WordPress website to another server with little effort? Want to create a copy of your whole website as a zipped file straight into your GDrive in less than 2 minutes? Want to switch cloud storage providers? Want to move from Dropbox to Box? Or from Google Drive to SkyDrive? Want to archive and timestamp your backup transfers to keep historical data? Want to backup WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, databases? Backup anything or everything. No plugin, scripts, or any software required. Manage everything from easy to use web interface. Use lifetime free 50GB of awesome storage.

You might have used online storage drives such as Dropbox, Skydrive, Amazon cloud storage, Google Drive, etc. What about if you want to move all data from one online storage drive to another? This needs a lot of work as you have to download files and then upload to another online service. Similarly taking backups for whole websites and databases has not been an easy task either, until now. With MyBackup Box and Mover, its a breeze.

Its like an online storage that helps you transfer your large files online in minutes and get backups for anything from anywhere.

Important Features

  • Secure cloud transfers.
  • Move files between any cloud storage provider.
  • Nothing to install. Completely online.
  • Backup anything to the cloud, including your cloud storage or website.
  • Easily create and manage scheduled transfers and backups.
  • Compile all your files into a single, compressed ZIP before transfer.
  • View detailed reports about each pending, ongoing, or finished transfer.
  • Receive email confirmations when transfers complete.

Backup Box is merging with Mover. We have giving links for both websites below.


One Review

  1. Ivan Musko says:

    I would like to share another way to transfer big files. Binfer can transfer big files quite easily. Definitely beats upload private stuff on the cloud.