Type Urdu Or Your Native Language In Any Windows Program Or Application

by on March 24th, 2008

Sometimes you have to use your native language or you just want to type in your native language while working. Windows comes with default English Language but also with other languages support. I have a tip for you regarding this.


Go to Start – Settings – control panel
Click Regional And Language Options.
Choose second tab Languages.
Check below both check boxes which say:
Install files for complex script and right to left languages. Install files for East Asian languages.
Clicking apply will require a Windows XP CD.
After files will be copied you can choose your language from advanced tab.
For Writing Urdu (Write Urdu Language In Winword, notepad or any program or editor you use)

Now for URDU language do the same procedure as I have mentioned above. Install files for additional languages.
For second step you will be needing a Phonetic Keyboard software.
Get Keyboard software. (Below)
Install it. This keyboard will appear with language toolbar in your taskbar.
There will be a box from which you can select to use English or Urdu language to use in any program you are using.


You will have to reboot your PC.


As obvious in picture above, you can write urdu in standard way, using msword or winword software or even in notepad.


You will need to install files for other languages from control panel and then install Urdu Phonetic Keyboard and you are done. Just Open your favourite program or editor, select English or Urdu from language toolbar and use that specific language in that program.

A question arises that why I need to use this keyboard and this setup when I have inpage or other urdu editing programs available out there. For that, you know inpage can save file in its own format or can create a gif image file for you but not exact thing what you need; specially in case when you need to create a webpage in Urdu language.

Download Phonetic Keyboard
Online Urdu Typing Tool

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  1. Naeem says:

    AOA, Dear Bro.
    Very Very nice yar, really speaking u have solved my big problem. Allah Bless U.

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    i am like urdu langauge.

  3. Ahmed Khlail jazim says:

    dear brother
    thax 4 telling us about english 2 urdu language,but ther is some porblem..u say that Get Keyboard software. (Below)…i dont under stand how can i install the phonetic keyboard. pl tell me
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    Excellent tutorial. Thank you…

    Now you can type Urdu from Google Indic Transliteration which is available in Urdu also. http://www.google.com/transliterate/indic/Urdu