Twitter Windows Vista Desktop Client

by on May 4th, 2009

tweetybotDesigned for the Windows Family Of Desktops, TweetyBot keeps you up-to-date with the latest Tweets from your Followers and those you’re Following. With it’s built-in Friends Alert List, you can work away on other tasks and be notified when your “Special” friends are posting. Send and Receive Direct Messages, Ignore Spammers and much, much more!


TweetyBot Features
  • Login To Twitter Remotely
  • Get Updated Tweets Every Minute
  • Reply To Friends From Your Desktop
  • Get Direct Messages Every 5 Minutes
  • Alert List For Special Friends
  • Ignore List For Spammers Following You
  • Built-in Direct Messaging From Your Desktop
  • Manage Followers and Those Following From Your Desktop
  • Tweet Threading For Following Individual Conversations
Features to come
  • Auto-Follow Those Following You
  • Auto-UNFollow Those Following You (Limit for how long to follow somebody)
  • Tweet Scheduler (Auto tweets for future)
  • Tweet Auto Responder

File Size: 1.79 MB

Download Tweetybot

Download Tweetybot

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